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We recognise the Clients needs to not only choose a company with the appropriate experience, but to ensure that the individuals assigned to work with a particular Client has the appropriate skills, attributes and experience in working as part of your team.

We have included a number of examples of our experiences/commissions for your reference please feel free to explore these projects by selecting the links below.

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  Strategic asset management planning and property strategies...  
Pearson Fraser have worked with a number of clients to assess the use of existing assets and to work with design team members to develop property strategies. Pearson Fraser Ltd follow the Office of Government Commerce ‘Achieving Excellence in Construction’ methodology to establish a robust and sustainable business case with both capital and revenue implications to support funding applications and to minimise risk in the delivery process.  

We support clients to establish a structure of internal and external resources to ensure appropriate skills, responsibility and accountability are allocated to develop a property strategy. The strategic work looks at efficiency of existing buildings and operations, life of current assets, running costs/revenue implications etc and include making the necessary applications for funding.
We also act for a number of clients co-ordinating land and legal issues associated with master planning process in order to ensure a joined up approach and minimise risk to the development/client. This service also includes supporting the client with wider regeneration and investment issues.
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  Estate and facilities reviews and implementation...  
Pearson Fraser have been previously been commissioned to undertake Estates and Facilities efficiency reviews of both individual organisations and joint efficiency reviews across different organisations and/or sites.

These commissions include reporting to individual colleges/clients, the Learning and Skills Council, the Department of Employment and Learning and Higher Education Funding Council

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  Independent client adviser/project sponsor  
Nelson and Colne College was previously split between two main sites; this obviously causes a number of duplications and inefficiencies in terms of operating the asset and the Colleges core educational provision. Pearson Fraser were involved with the College from an early stage in exploring the options relating to the rationalisation of their sites. In this process, Pearson Fraser supported the College in a successful capital grant application to the Learning and Skills Council and detailed discussions and applications to the NWDA to secure additional funding. We have also been instrumental in assisting the College to seek and secure other sources of funding.

As the project progressed we procured, through a competitive tendering process in line with the European Union Directives, the services of a full design team and contractor.

The project was a mixture of new build and refurbishment on a problematic site that was partially situated within a recognised flood plain and has a number of access and egress issues due to the site boundary consisting of rivers on three sides. The Project value was approximately £21million Gross.

We supported the College and the Employers agent with independent advice during the course of the works and continue to act for the College as an independent property advisor

In addition to the main construction / refurbishment project, we have also implemented two phases of external elevation refurbishment that includes the removal of an old cladding system and replacement with a new, more efficient system, to match the new build elements of the project.


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  Project management/employers agent and clerk of works  
Higher Education Facility

The construction of a new Higher Education facility developed and constructed in consultation with Lancaster University, who provide support to the College providing degree level courses. The building accommodation consists of general teaching and IT classrooms, with associated support spaces such as administration, Learning Resource Centre and refectory. There are specialist Art and Design studios on the fifth floor, allowing for teaching of a number of subjects including photography, textiles, graphic communication, illustration and animation, fine art, interior design, etc. These specialist areas are supported with a number of Mac specific suites.

The project has required a high level of consultation with various stakeholders due to the purchase of the site from the local Authority, the regeneration scheme of Town Centre and the development of a new Primary Care Trust on an adjacent site. This consultation has helped to shape the project, with shared facilities made available to a number of the local stakeholders.

The project was procured via a single stage design and build route, with a minimal amount of Value Management required to meet the proposed budget, including some unexpected variations to the building fabric brought about via the Planning Application Process. In addition, there was an injection of funds by the NWDA specifically for the inclusion of various sustainable technologies such as ground source heat pumps, solar water heating and photo voltaic panels.

The project was delivered under the gross budget of £15,100,000 to provide some 7,000 m2 of accommodation and some 7 weeks ahead of the contract programme.


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  Cost consultancy and client adviser  
‘Core building’

Pearson Fraser acting as the cost consultant worked with the design team to develop the project to accommodate a number of the centralised support facilities as well as teaching space. The teaching accommodation incorporated into the building includes general teaching classrooms, IT classrooms, Art and Design Classrooms, construction workshops, a new sports hall and associated gymnasium and changing facilities and performing arts (including a performance theatre). Support space includes a new centralised Learning Resource Centre, student support and registry, common rooms / break out space and refectory.

The form of the building has been dictated by the function of the internal space; original sketch designs identified a flat, glazed facade, with the intention of giving the maximum level of natural light to the art and design classrooms as possible. However, in consultation with the end user, a new design was developed that allows for the maximum amount of natural ‘north light’ into the teaching spaces. This is supplemented by the use of sun pipes on the upper floor, again allowing for natural light to filter into the classrooms whilst avoiding glare and overheating.

The project was assessed to have a BREEAM Excellent Rating. This has been achieved by using various methods considered from the outset of the design stage. The building generally precludes the use of mechanical ventilation/cooling by engineered natural ventilation and passive solar design. This includes the use of overall thermal mass, exposed soffits, stratification and stack effect, diurnal cycling and solar shading. These engineered solutions are automatically controlled by a Building Management System, to ensure that the building operates at its most efficient; this isn't achieved at the expense of empowering building users, windows can still be manually opened and heating controlled on a local level. This engineered solution is supplemented by the use of low carbon technologies such as a biomass boiler, photovoltaic panels and solar water heating.

This is a significant project, procured in line with the European Union rules for public procurement, via a two stage design and build route. The budget for this project is circa £47,000,000 and provides some 16,000 m2 of new build space.

‘Sixth Form and IT Centre’

Pearson Fraser provided Cost Consultancy and Client Adviser Services on this new build Sixth Form and IT Centre.The accommodation comprises general teaching space, a high proportion of IT suites and specialist laboratory teaching spaces. These areas are supported with administration space, common rooms/break out space and a cafe style refectory.

The procurement programme for this project was extremely short, with only 6 months allowed for the procurement of a Main Contractor and subsequent detailed design of the building in line with the two stage design and build procurement route. The original site included a number of existing buildings and in order to enable a quick start on site, an enabling package, agreed as a separate traditional contract with the Main Contractor, allowed for demolition and relocation of an existing substation.

The final gross cost for the project was circa £8,800,000 to deliver 5,300 square metres of new build accommodation within a 12 month construction programme.

There were a fairly large number of variations to the project instructed during the course of the works. Despite this, the final account was agreed within three months of completion of the project and was within budget.



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  One-stop shop project team  
A number of clients request a single team to design and manage a project; the responsibility of the project as a whole is with one company. Pearson Fraser has provided a number of ‘one stop solutions’ to clients when a very limited window of opportunity exists to carry out the works such as Easter break, summer breaks etc. examples of this service include refurbishment of leased premises for a new construction skill centre, refurbishment of Higher Education building and refurbishment of existing further education facilities



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